Speaking & Playshops

No air guitar, we promise.

Your conference or event deserves a major headliner. If you can’t get one, Angie’s available.

What would you like her to talk about?

Let’s talk! She wants to share on a topic that you and your colleagues care about and she lives to make you LAUGH. If you’d like a fun training session or teambuilding retreat, we can cook that up, too. Or maybe you have a presentation coming up and absolutely, positively need to sound smart, funny and charming.

Let Angie be your fairy speechmother! She can write your remarks, take what you prepare and zhush it up — she’s even been asked to present on presenting.

To book Angie Hicks as a guest speaker, have Humanly host a playshop (because, really, who needs another workshop) or for emergency speechwriting assistance, email us or use the handy contact form below.