Success is a team sport!

Humanly may have a grand total of two employees right now (Angie Hicks, our Chief Executive Human, and Nikki Jessop, our Director of Customer Delight), but we’re anything but a two-human operation! None of the success we achieve would be possible (or much fun!) without collaboration and partnerships. Whether that’s with brands who hire us directly (some have in-house creative departments), ad agencies who hire us to assist with their clients, or our many creative colleagues — we have much to share and always more to learn!

Would you like to put our heads and hearts together? Here are some possibilities:

  • Partner With Us To Win & Grow New Business
  • Hire Humanly By The Project Or On A Retainer Or Contract
  • Ask Us To Train You & Your Team How To Be More Humanly In Your Writing, Communication Etc.
  • Have Us Fill-In For Staff On Leave
  • Keep Your Overhead Down & Work With Us Instead Of Recruiting & Retaining In-House Specialists
  • Invite Angie To Serve On Your Board
  • Offer Us So Much $$$$$$ To Come Work For You That We Dump Humanly In A Heartbeat (Kidding!)

Let’s plot our world takeover, shall we? But first, coffee. Our treat.