Saskatoon Public Library

EXCITING NEWS! The American Library Association has awarded this campaign its most prestigious honour: The John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award! The recognition comes with $10,000 US and Saskatoon Public Library will use the prize money to buy digital learning toys and tools for patrons to enjoy at all of its branches. I’m also delighted to report that SPL has seen a 35% increase in active members!

Going to the library was always a thrill when I was a kid. It still is, especially when I get to watch my youngest take out his 47th book of a series (with his own card, to boot). Helping the SPL establish a spunky new brand personality, raise its profile in the community and attract new members is such a joy. It’s hard to match the rush I felt when my kindergarten teacher took my hand and walked me to the office so I could read the principal a storybook. (I got the biggest hug afterward!) But this comes pretty close.   Angie

Copywriting by Angie Hicks, Humanly Branding & Marketing
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    Saskatoon Public Library