Burger Baron

Oh, what fun it was helping Burger Baron steal the McThunder from its supersized competitors! Marketing Magazine called our campaign a “small budget miracle” and our cheeky billboards even made the CTV National News and the BBC during the Queen’s visit to Regina. But the memory closest to my heart is the surprise phone call I got at work from a woman who had tracked down Burger Baron’s ad agency. She told me she’d been having a rough time and that our billboards brought a smile to her face.   Angie

Copywriting by Angie Hicks (then Tate) while employed at Brown Communications Group
  • Angie made a permanent change in our business, in the highest of manners. We went from a traditional business to our targeted goals of a younger audience with memorable campaigns. Over 10 years later, people still regularly speak to our marketing. Engaging Angie and implementing her creativity was one of the best things I have ever done professionally.
    James McDonnell
    Burger Baron