Brown Communications Group

Any time someone entrusts me to write for their brand, it’s an honour. When it’s someone in my industry, all the more so. Ad agency Brown Communications Group asked me to dream up some topical billboards to post outside their office on Regina’s busy Albert Street. With election day coming, and voter turnout traditionally pitiful, this idea sprang to mind. It was such a hit, Brown res-erected it the following election. (Sorry.)  Angie

Freelance copywriting by Angie Hicks for Brown Communications Group

P.S. Scroll to the bottom of our Regina Symphony Orchestra portfolio page to see another fun ad I got to write for Brown!

  • Angie has an amazing gift. She takes the truth and makes it fascinating. Eighteen years ago when I hired her into the agency, I told her she had the potential to become the best advertising copywriter this province had ever seen. True to form, Angie never disappoints.
    Jim Aho
    Former Owner
    Brown Communications Group