Sometimes people ask me to write things on their behalf — as if it’s in their own words. They may know what they want to say — they just want my help with how to say it. Sometimes, though, they really don’t know what they want to say. And that’s okay, too. It happens to all of us on occasion — even those of us who work with words for a living. Either way, I’m always touched and honoured to help. But whenever someone needs me to write something that will actually come out of their mouth or be signed in their name — say, a speech, an article, an op-ed, a book, even a private or sensitive letter — it would be, at best, tacky and, at worst, unethical for me to reveal I wrote it. So, I never do. But if you need help with something like this, just ask. I see myself as more of a channeler than a writer anyway. You see, Humanly’s motto is “Start from the heart.” If you’ll let me go inside your heart (that’s where the good stuff is), I’ll relay what I find. Then you’ll get inside hearts, too. ❤️  Angie

P.S. If you’d like to talk to someone in whose name I’ve written, please let me know and I’ll ask for their blessing before I put you in touch.