City of Saskatoon

Hardhats off to our friends at the City of Saskatoon for being willing to acknowledge the TRUTH about construction and road maintenance! Other cities are taking notice and Saskatonians seem to appreciate it, too. Survey results are overwhelmingly positive and, as you’ll see below, our client even got fan mail! (We’ve removed the kind citizen’s signature from the note but you know who you are!) Big thanks to Colleen and team for enlisting Humanly’s help with the copywriting and special shoutout to Mayor Charlie Clark for being such a good sport on the radio (have a listen below) — it’s a sandblast working with you all!

Copywriting by Angie Hicks, Humanly Branding & Marketing
Design by the City of Saskatoon
  • Every marketer dreams of a remarkable campaign that people talk about for years to come and Humanly has done just that for the City of Saskatoon. Their creativity can be seen in many of our materials for the City’s construction and road maintenance activities and the humour and empathetic tone are being received positively by the community. With Humanly’s support, the City has broken new ground and explored a new tone and style of communication that we hope to expand to other City programs. Angie asks the right questions, listens intently and understands what will resonate with your audience.
    Colleen McKee
    Communications & Marketing Manager
    City of Saskatoon
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